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Plaza 25 de Mayo is One of the prettiest plazas in Bolivia, 25 de Mayo offers a place to relax and soak in the beauty and vibrancy of Sucre. At the center of the park stands a statue of the famous libertador and Bolivia’s first president, Antonio José de Sucre.

Salto Para is the second largest waterfall in the world 1 (by total width) and the largest in America, with a width of 5,608 m and in which it divides and descends into seven immense torrents. This jump is located via Caicara del Orinoco, Bolívar State, near the Maripa population known as the Caura Basin, Venezuela

The 7 Cascadas is a series of small waterfalls with natural swimming pools just 8 kilometres outside of Sucre. Of the seven waterfalls, the first two are the easiest to access, and while not particularity impressive, have the warmest water. Unfortunately, the natural beauty of the area has been compromised by the amount of rubbish left behind by visitors, so the water isn’t the cleanest to swim in.